Swing never, never give up~


Yes, I am reviewing something again.
And I don’t even know if I can call them reviews, more like sharing something I like and telling you how awesome it is.
So we can just consider it a really biased review.

Unless it’s something I don’t like…then it would still be a very biased review…

Anyway, after a week of teasing us, my favourite group(s), Super Junior-M released a song that was very much like them,
and at the same time, not like them at all.

Finally SM has given them the chance to show what they are made of and how they got the name of being the Kings of Kpop.(This does have evidence. It’s not just me being biased. But I’ll “lesson” you all in the Kings later)

With a sound that’s ready for summer, a video that not only displays how diverse their skill is but shows their extremely dorky side,
I present you with “SWING”
The song is in Mandarin. It is dangerously catchy. The video quality and dance are fantastic. And to top it off, I get Donghae in suspenders.

The mini album which is set for release sometime soon (though apparently there is a digital that I don’t think my region can get yet D: )
this video and song is all I can get to carry me until Super Junior themselves have their comeback in summer.

But believe me, Swing is doing a lot to hold me. I just can’t stop listening and watching it.
It also helps that our very own Zhou Mi from the group got to partake in the lyrics of the song, and
Henry, our Canadian home boy and his little self made production team got to make a beautiful song called
“无所谓 (My Love For You)” perfect harmony fills this song.

Also. Siwon’s Mustache. That’s all I gotta say.

But enough of my love, go love the song yourself.
(SM has not uploaded the official Youtube version, we think their waiting for the Korean version
so for now it has been officially uploaded to Youku)


How to watch in HD~

  • When you let the video load, don’t freak out if you can’t read the language it’s in.
    Just click on the little botten on the right corner that looks like a gear.
  • When you do, a box will come up in the middle of the screen. Where is states
    1080p, just click the first set of characters you see next to it so that it highlights blue.
  • When you do that, click the first of the larger buttons, (the one that’s already in blue.)
  • You might need to restart the video by pulling it back from the beginning for it to take effect.

Also, if you go there and the screen loads black with some sentences being said, don’t worry. There’s a countdown from 30secsso once that’s up the video will come on.


Blaming it on my eyes for being too greedy~

So my first review blog~
I’ve decided to do it on one particular singer; Zhou Mi
(Video will be at the bottom, please watch)

Zhou Mi is a singer born in Wuhan, China. Before becoming a singer, he had been high in
the entertainment business for hosting and participating in many competitions for singing.
In 2007 he had taken part in an SM singing contest entered by
Korean artist under “recommendation from a friend”.
Judges and Korean citizens were impressed by his ability to sing a Korean song perfectly,
as well as his strong vocals.

Zhou Mi, who was friends with HanGeng (from Super Junior, now solo in China)
ended up being part of Super Junior’s subgroup, Super Junior-M.
This subgroup was created with the intention of making way into China musically.

The reason why I chose to update about him today, is because despite his various talent and ability,
he has seen quite a bit of dislike and hate from some Super Junior
fans who insist that Super Junior stay as an all 13 group.

Though this hate has died down quite considerably since he first came to SJM,
he is still left in the dark in terms of music. Out of all the other members SJ and
SJM alike, he is the one who does not get to display his talent as much as we would like him to.
Not yet having his own solo performance on one of Korea’s big music station shows,
he has been around just hosting and signing things here and there.
He also had written a book, and was doing book signings, while every so often
updating his weibo account just asking fans to be patient because
one day he too will be able to sing for us as much as he wants or can.

Though he hasn’t gotten there yet, he has made a step towards it,
with being able to partake in SM’s side group, SM the Ballad.
This group is a collective project with various SM artists.
The first CD came out back in 2010 with 4 members, 1 including Kyuhyun another
SJ and SJM member.

This time, with a new line up of SM artists, Zhou Mi was able to participate with a solo song.

With his passion and intense need to want to sing for us all, I don’t think I’ve
ever seen a more beautiful performance from him.
Truly touching as it created goosebumps from head to
toe and tears in my eye from his passion and happiness to perform.

Please do enjoy his performance as much as I have.
(Watch in HD people, this is 2014)

I already broke my new year’s resolution…


(I don’t know why I picked this, but it was the first folder to open when
I selected upload…just go with it.

It’s new years-y anyway)

Yea, that’s in the title.

This obviously hasn’t been updated every week. I was probably asking
too much from myself by saying that. So maybe I’ll say at LEAST once a month.

I just need things to talk about!

I’ve decided on the idea then, that since half the time I don’t know what I should blog about
I’ll get into the habit by reviewing things I like. It’s a start somewhere.

What I can tell you about this time however, is that being my mother is hard.

She went to her home country for 2 weeks and my dad and I are here holding down the fort.

But damn it’s hard.
Not hard in the fact that omg panic because I can’t cook or clean (cause I can)
Just hard in the sense that, your time goes by so quickly doing things around the house
especially after work, that you don’t get a proper rest until later in the night, and then

It’s time for bed.

We’ve got one more week left, and I’ve gotten used to it. As someone who doesn’t live on my own yet,

I now greatly appreciate how nice it is when you live with your parents, specifically the parent who does themost for you, be it your mom, dad, or even siblings or other family. (for me it’s my mom)

Though I too have my fair share of bills, and daily living expenses, it’s most definitely easier than someone
who on top of all that, lives on their own.

As it is, I am so tired. I need to sleep.

And then there goes the weekend.
Come again soon Friday night!

P.S: This one was for you Veezy. Happy? Then comment on the blog damnit.

New year… Let’s try this again…

Seriously? It’s been since August that I posted a post?

I had a feeling this would happen. I absolutely suck at keeping blogs.

But as it is a new year…wait…

Happy New Year ALL~~~~

As I was saying, as it is 2014, as one of my changes for the year, I’m going to try and make a post at least once a week.

I know hoping to achieve more than that is a lot given my record, so we’re going to start with that.
It may be something trivial, but as long as it’s a post, it’s going to count!

So what kind of plans do I have for this year of the horse? (Which is my year btw)

  1. As I managed to get a job last year, I think this year my main goal is finally getting my G2… (I’m really behind on that… My friend in the skies must be laughing at me)
  2. I also would like to save towards getting my own car, but I’ll focus on the G2 first.
  3. What else? Try and actually save this year? Maybe finally pay of that credit card as well as finally start my Japan Box.
    What is this you ask? My Japan box is something my and my other half want to start.
    We hope that maybe within 3 years we will have enough to go to Japan…but who knows.
  4. I kind of want to take up dance, so that might be in there too. Plus that aids to my “try and actually be active this year” as I do have a desk job, exercise and activity are really rare for me.
    Plus I do love my Korean/Japanese dramas and animes so…that’s a little distracting.
  5. I want to start drawing again, it’s been ages.
  6. I also want to try and paint at least 3 paintings, 1 being in oil for the first time, and I want that one to be REALLY excessive and in your face.
  7. There’s a massive box FULL of pictures that my mom has, I want to sort through that and put them all in albums…

I think that’s about it, actually I’m sure I had more but this is all I can remember at the moment.

Well regardless, I’ll slowly put these wheels in motion (hopefully literally soon) and make a great 2014.

Hope you all have goals too! It makes the year fun!

Till sometime next week I guess. Wish me luck and trying to make this blog posting a habit :/

I’m so behind, I don’t even remember what I did in New York. Part 2

…And my promise was destroyed, not just broken, when I didn’t post part 2 of my trip to New York. Now a whole bunch of other little things have happened after to fill up the space in my summer mind. But Now, I think I’ll just sum up my New York trip in just this post, and move on to other things.

So I left off with the arrival at our first hotel, which wasn’t bad. It was kind of lively, didn’t have much place to snack after closing hours, but hey, it was just to sleep.

So here have another phototage?

New York part 2

New York part 2-2

So that is my summery. Basically, we left our hotel in the morning to travel to New York City, went on an hour boat tour and saw the sites,
then traveled to the Rockefeller centre. (Is that spelt right?)
And then….well, New York reminds me of Downtown, Toronto but in a way dirtier and crowed fashion.

Also, some weird shit, now here is the man I promised, followed by a nice building view, and a very fated meeting.



Yeah, I look kind of crazy, but that’s not the point. The point is, this girl in the middle is someone we both worked with
in our past part time job. Now not only did we not know either of us were going to New York, but out of all of NY city and with millions of people
we managed to bump into each other. That’s some crazy shit for you.

What followed this was our bus driver being M.I.A for 2 hours while we waited, his whereabouts never explained.

Then we left to Jersey Shore to shop some, and off to Sands resort for some Casino.

What we did then was, arrive too late to get any food, except one Asian place that was still accepting people.

Had a free $35 casino card, and I hate casino’s but guess what lovely people, I won $68.

I find that amazing. Mind you I’m short on money, so that was awesome. It covered the bitchin’ Converse shoes I bought that I don’t have a picture for.

And as much as I wanted to keep this as just this last part, it’s obviously not going to work.
So yes I will make a part 3, and I swear it won’t take as long.
I think.
But here, have a Predator.


Peace out home slices.